Will the Printed Circuit Board Be Around Forever?

Since the invention of printed circuit boards, the question has arisen in many technology circles: Will the PCB be around forever?

Some tech experts believe that it is still such a standard in the building of computer systems and so many other electro mechanical assembly, that there is nothing that will replace it. However, we have learned over the years that this is a naive idea because technology changes so fast that it is difficult to keep up with it.

To quote the guru and tech genius, Steve Jobs again in his famous last speech at Stanford, said to a group of graduating students, (paraphrasing) “What we do is so insignificant in the big scheme of things that it will seem trivial tomorrow.” He said people would likely not remember us or the small contribution we made to the world of technology because of the great changes that are being made even as we speak.

Jobs was right. We have seen even more changes since he made this memorable and powerful speech at Stanford months before his death. Nothing is sure when it comes to life or technology, but for now, the PCB board is the method of choice to hold all the information needed to create a great computer system or other electronics.

Thousands of electronics mechanisms use the PCB board as the heart of their system to transfer data via the wires and electrical nodes that it includes. Suffice it to say that for now, it’s here to stay at least until something better comes along.