Factors that influence the sustainability of a technology

When we were thinking about and pondering how long a technological invention may last, we should consider the following factors.

Versatility-Versatility is the ability to have something be applicable in a variety of contexts and situations. It must be able to fit not only our current technological systems but those of the future which have yet to be invented.

The PCB board fits this criterion because it can be used in so many different gadgets and technology inventions. From the transistor radio to the multiple user computer networks the PCB board still stands out as the heart of the system.

As long as something as basic and functional as the PCB board is around and continues its performance standards and versatility, it will probably continue to be the standard in technology advancement. However, we cannot know what new system or board will be invented in the future because the supporting infrastructure has yet to be considered or developed.

Compatibility- Compatibility is the ability for a system to be used with other systems or for a gadget to work in a variety of contexts. Similar to versatility, compatibility has more to do with whether it will work with specific other machinery or computers when installed. Mike Crisci tells from experience that the PCB board can do this, so if it continues along this line, it will probably last a lot longer than we think.

Ease of production-Some of the greatest inventions are also the simplest. The PCB board is a simple idea that combines all of the electrical mechanisms to attach various devices to a computer system and a motherboard.

The ease of production of something as simple as a plain PCB board will probably remain beyond our time. It may be even easier to produce these in the future when more people are doing it themselves through 3D printer mechanisms.

Imagine the whole world trying to print their own PCB boards to create an original computer. That would certainly be interesting. Imagine all the different types of designs of computer systems that might evolve from this one simple board. This analogy illustrates how something straightforward can create complex mechanisms that last beyond our time. The ease of production of a PCB board makes it a mainstay that might be hard to replace in the future.

Ability to mass-produce- Is the PCB board capable of being mass produced? Yes. That’s what we do at MJS Designs,  one of the renowned PCB design companies. We specialize in creating PCB boards and other technological components that help you build the best systems possible for your clientele.

Customer satisfaction-One approach in making sure your customer is happy with what you do is to find out what they want and build it. You can do this with PCB board technology by creating surveys to find out what your customers want then build a PCB board around that. This is one way that you can use customer satisfaction with a PCB board and reap excellent results in more sales. When you create something great, people will notice it, and it will pay off for you in a big way.