So how does the PCB stack up in all these areas? I would say pretty good for now, because it serves at the heart of so many computer systems that seem to not only satisfy the customer but continue to offer versatility, reproduction capabilities, and inner compatibility with so many different electronics, and technological applications.

However, we cannot know what the future holds and likely there will be another type of system or board that may replace it shortly. In the world of technology sometimes we must understand that it is enough to accept things as they are today rather than try to worry about what the future brings.

No doubt, the trends of the future will include more artificial intelligence, more automation, and more innovative design.

Today, we have only two scratched the surface of understanding about how technology will look in the future. Perhaps a quote from Matthew in the Holy Bible is applicable here. “Sufficient to the day is the evil thereof.” The writer who wrote this originally was referring to the fact that we do not know what a day will bring much less tomorrow, next month, or next year.

As technology innovators, we create the best that we know how at the time that we live in and we know that in the future that might be replaced by something else.

Still, it is up to us to ensure that what we create is the best that it can be and that it not only serves its purpose today in our time but goes beyond that to become as Steve Jobs once said, “an extension of oneself” that helps a person achieve their personal and artistic goals. When you do this, you change lives and influence the future.

What about AI?

It is believed that whoever has control of AI will run the world in the future. This may very well be true, and I suspect that it will be implemented in some way more with a PCB board shortly.

There will also be more people putting out their boards that they have created to try to break into the lucrative business of technological innovations. If you are like that and have an idea that you think will help the future, contact us and ask about how we can help you design perfect and create a PCB board.

But not just any PCB board. A PCB board of the future that will outlive the time we are in and provide people with a great deal of enjoyment and innovation.

The potential of a PCB board is excellent even though a board is just a board in the beginning. Everything great has to start somewhere.

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At MJS Designs, we take pride in every design we do, and we work with you, the creator of the idea until you have reached your goal for invention and design.

Then we test it in multiple ways and get it ready for mass production. We can help you invent, design, test and evaluate your idea and your board the way you want it.

That way, you know you are putting out the best product possible, at least for today.

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